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As lovers of people (and animals), we opened Rosh Pinat Noy and continue to invest in itconstantly, improving, updating and simply thinking about what we can add to ensure our guests a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing vacation.
We made our home in Rosh Pina, the first Galilee pioneer village, where Meira’s grandmother was born and most of her extended family live to this day. The motto of Rosh Pina and its local council is to progress and keep up with the times while also preserving its rural character, the quiet and the serene atmosphere of the village.
In the restored site of Old Rosh Pina, you can visit buildings constructed in 1882, the year the village was founded and watch a film about Rosh Pina and vicinity. Another special site is the memorial site in honor ofShlomo Ben Yosef, who was executed by the British and is buried in Rosh Pina (the late Menachem Begin visited his grave annually).
Galleries and art businesses by local and regional artists.
A variety of restaurants in Rosh Pena and the region, a large selection of attractions and excursions.
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